About Us.

Our Vision.

To help children become better players and make representative teams.

RT7’s was founded by brothers Harry and Stevie Berryman. It is a goal for them to help young athletes reach their full potential by providing them with specifically designed development programs.

Harry and Stevie are accomplished athletes that have both played high-level competition across all three codes of Rugby League, Touch Football and Rugby Sevens.

They have been involved with some of the biggest sporting teams in Australia and the Cook Islands and are now looking to share their experience by coaching the youth and turning them into high-performance athletes.

RT7’s will offer a designed youth intense training program, that will optimize speed, strength power and agility to match the physical and technical demands on the field. This will prepare the students for representative team selections and give them a familiar understanding of the standard that will be required of them.

We will analyse and provide each athlete with personalised recommendations for improvement. We tailor the program to meet each student's needs to enhance their strengths and weaknesses.

If you are looking for great training and looking to drastically improve your skills and abilities, then we are the perfect sports developments program for you.

RT7’s prides itself on having a training atmosphere that is fun and exciting while still crafting each workout to meet the demanding needs on the field to optimise the best results.


Beverley Job Park
65 McIntosh Road,
Narraweena, 2099
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Tel 0423 158 643